Friday, April 16, 2010

Funny Friday: It's Official. Only Idiots Cheat!

Thanks Telegraph for finally printing what we betrayed wives have known all along. Our husbands cheated because they're stupid
Turns out men who are more fully evolved are less likely to cheat, says a group of researchers from the London School of Economics. "Only intelligent men are able to shed the psychological baggage of their species and adopt new modes of behaviour," says the study, pointing out that multiple partners no longer has the evolutionary advantage it once did. 
The study revealed that the same doesn't hold true for women, whose IQ has no bearing on their inclination to cheat.
But, women can now protect against heartbreak by marrying smart. 
Though my husband's three university degrees might indicate a higher intelligence, this study reveals it's all been a ruse. He's a moron. 

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