MORE Stupid S#*t Cheaters Say

Cause there's even more stupid...


  1. one off them ...but watch this fuckinggggg space LL

  2. "Of course I had to pull out so she wouldn't get pregnant."

    He was nipped after our third child!

    PISS - Post Infidelity Shit Storm!

  3. "I had a dream where you were sitting on another man's lap kissing him and looking at me." When he woke up he was all over me. All I could think of was, this was a dream, imagining this in real life. How easily he forgets.

  4. Me: Why did you even move into my house if you were already cheating on me? Why didn't you just stay where you were?

    Him: Because I thought we were secure, that we were in a good place, so I could just keep doing what I was doing.


  5. Him: "If you were to forgive me and we were to reconcile I would lose all respect for you and treat you worse."

    This from a man who cheated on me since before we married (I just found out). So this is how you treat a woman that you respect?!

    Other things he's said since I found out:
    "I haven't been having as much sex as you think." (he's been having more than me!)

    "If it makes you feel better, I didn't do exactly well there either" (referring to his ED problems, and no it doesn't make me feel better, the intent was still there. Is he saying that the only thing that stopped him was a medical issue rather than his conscience?)

  6. I want to say first of all me and my spouse are working things out but I heard:

    I was curious (3 separate interactions over a 2 month period, allegedly)

    My intention was never to hurt you

    He has the utmost respect for you

    I wanted to tell you

    I never left you

    There is more but replaying them brings up the anger

    1. I enjoy the "I don't know if this matters but I thought about ending it." Actually that makes it worse, you thought about ending it but didn't... you chose her instead.

  7. I thought you didn't love me anymore

    What do you mean you're waiting for the other shoe to drop? What's the other shoe? (Found out a month later he wasn't just sexting with the OW and confiding in her about marriage issues, they did in fact kiss [which he claims is all that happened;it adds up but there's been so much lying I don't trust my instincts]).

    When I told him if the OW had still been working with him (she quit at the end of the school year, I found out the following December) that I wouldn't be okay with them working together and would ask him to transfer schools he responded with "I have not only a bachelor's but a masters degree and she was a secretary so I wouldn't be going anywhere. She can go. " okay buddy, enjoy explaining to your principal that his secretary needs to be moved jobs because you guys had an affair.

  8. The list of shit I heard:
    -Maybe if you were more fun I wouldn't go look else where
    -It's just dom shit
    -It's in the past, I said sorry. You going to keep on?
    -I promise to be better.
    -It's nothing.
    -She did things to me. I done nothing to her.
    -Nothing happened. I promise.

  9. After the first 7 D-Days I separated from my husband after he quit therapy which was a boundary of mine to stay in the marriage. As he walked out the door he asked if we were going to be monogamous. I said yes. When I found out he had joined dating sites and was dating I asked him what happened to being monogamous? He said “I didn’t know what monogamous meant”
    This is the same guy who when I asked him if he had intercourse with all these prostitutes he had hired (because I had been hearing it was only hand jobs and I wasn’t buying it) and he said and I quote” Intercourse is a gray area”
    Can someone please explain to me the gray area because all I know is in or out.



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