Monday, July 5, 2010

Funny Friday...errr...Monday: Botox for a wrinkle-free life!

Let's face it, infidelity is hard on a girl's looks. Gone is the line-free face, the glowing skin, the smooth forehead unfurrowed by worry or stress.
But despair not, betrayed wives! Botox to the more ways than one.
Turns out that Botox, that lethal injection of toxins that wipes the face clean of emotion, wipes the slate clean of emotion too.
Doctors recently reported their findings – that when our faces can't express strong feeling...our brains don't register it as extreme.
Voila! Relatively pain-free betrayal. Just think of the applications: If you even suspect your mate of cheating, a quick trip to the Botox clinic (where, exactly, does one get Botox?) and, upon hearing the news, your face looks serene and your brain registers nary a blip on the pain scale. Better still, Botox your cheating spouse and erase the drama from his twisted triangle of love.
I jest not! There were days (oh...weeks/months) when I would have given up parts of my brain to erase the pain of discovering betrayal. If only I had known a frontal lobotomy wasn't necessary.
Botox: How I love thee...


  1. I have a rather dark sense of humor. In the weeks and months that followed D-day, my husband would ask me what I needed to feel better. I'd often respond, "A frontal lobotomy."


  2. Amnesia would be very welcomed right now. I hear ya. I might find myself looking for some botox instead though.



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