Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tee-hee Tuesday: Shocker! It was Weiner's...ummm...ya know

The scandals are piling as high as the bodies in a Shakespearean tragedy. John Edwards has been indicted for using campaign funds to hide his mistress, their child and his campaign assistant (along with who knows how many skeletons. Honestly, do they make closets this big?), Schwarzenasshole took his own family – the one we knew about – and hit "detonate", and Anthony Weiner, he of the just-so-giggly last name, fessed up that it was indeed his campaign member in the illicit photos.
Besides the incredible lack of judgement these men share, they're also big fat liars. Doesn't anybody, with their hand in the proverbial cookie jar, ever just take a deep breath and admit, "ya caught me"?
Consider this a plea...or rather a couple of pleas. For one, stop with the naked photos. Please. There's enough porn in the world that you don't need to add yours to the mix. You're not that hot. And secondly, when you get caught (because it seems you will, inevitably, get caught), just smile bashfully and nod so we can all get on with our lives.


  1. Since I'm less than 4 months from Dday these news stories just piss me off. I get mad at my husband all over again. Last night I told him there was no hope for men and that they are all pigs. But, did you catch Jon Stewarts bit on Weinergate? Very funny.

  2. I'm too far out to be pissed off (no energy left!) but I do get sad. You're right: Seems like they're all pigs.
    And yes, LOVED Jon Stewart's Weinergate segment. Please God, don't let Jon Stewart turn out to be a lying scumbag, too. Right now, he's my only hope for mankind (and I do mean MANkind!).

  3. Somewhere out there, someplace, there is a man that doesn't cheat on his wife.

  4. Isn't that just a myth? Kind of like unicorns?

  5. Yes, unicorns... It seems that since I found out about my husband's extracurriculars I see affairs and betrayed spouses all around me. Maybe I am more aware but it is truly all over the place. My best friend is the 'other woman' of a married man. My former boss had a child with another colleague and while is still married to his first wife is living with his new partner and child. My other very good male friend is a serial cheater, on 'wife' number I don't know what and with at least 4 children that I know of by 3 different women. My colleagues are pretty much all (with a few exceptions - not because they aren't but perhaps because they are discrete) either betrayed or betrayers!
    I would venture to say that in fact we probably have a better chance running into a unicorn than a faithful spouse/man... there are also a ton of women out there who are having affairs...It really does make one wonder if it is meant to be this way after all? Is there something wrong with US?

  6. I know. It can be depressing. And I, too, start to wonder if we simply aren't biologically programmed to be monogamous. Heard a radio program, however, with a scientist who noted that many mammalian species are monogamous, quite successfully. I think we've simply become a society of immediate gratification and entitlement. We borrow money for things we can't afford and we simply take what we want with little regard for the long-term consequences. Few men, when caught and faced with the pain they've cause, think it was worth it...

  7. unfortunately, married men by the dozens have always asked me in some way or another to "be" with them...unfortunately, more married men have "come onto" me in the past than single men - I was always so disgusted, though I never told them that...unfortunately, all the men I have worked with were involved with something: porn habit (not just porn - but the porn mistress, and that was just the beginning), affairs, one night stands, strippers (that seemed to be the main focus of several of the men I have worked with- men love the strippers). mistresses (they see these different than affairs a lot of the time: mistresses are more taken care of monetarily - I found out), prostitutes of various kinds... I have a "way" of getting information out of men I work with...because it is eating them up inside and they want to spill the beans to me!!! Uggghhh. I am a very good listener and they know i will tell them how awful they are, yet still need to confess to the priest, you know? I never gossiped. Which may or may not have been right, I'm not sure now. Believe it or not, I still thought my husband was incapable of all that and instead found out that he was capable of most of it! I still think my father was not a cheater - though he looked at some porn mags while we were visiting a friend of his when I was "too young" to know...............



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