Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Nora Ephron: A Hero to Betrayed Wives

The world lost the great Nora Ephron last week. When a writer dies, I always lament the unwritten stories that died with them. But Ephron left us a treasure trove of wonderful stories, that could have been our lives. She was one of us – a woman, a wife, a betrayed wife, a daughter. 
Someone who could make us laugh through our tears. 
To celebrate Ephron, I'll be including a few of her wonderful witticisms, relevant to  all of us here. A reader recently commented on this site about her own situation, which was so much more than being sexually betrayed. This commenter was in an unbelievably abusive situation, in which her value as a person was under attack. This one is for her from Ephron's I Feel Bad About My Neck: And Other Thoughts on Being a Woman:
Why hadn't I realized how much of what I thought of as love was simply my own highly developed gift for making lemonade? What failure of imagination had caused me to forget that life was full of other possibilities, including the possibility that eventually I would fall in love again?


  1. Rad! She is a lovely woman. Surely she is bouncing through heavenly clouds laughing and loving the memories of her most amazing life. Thanks for all you've given Nora.

  2. Love the quote! Am I only making lemonade when there is real love out there? Is it here still, somewhere? I bet many of us wonder that at times. What does love look like after we have been through this? Will I always be guarded expecting to be hurt again no matter what man is loving me? Is this like a child from abuse, always waiting for someone to hurt them again?



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