Monday, April 11, 2011

Do you want to tell your story??

I received this submission. I'm not involved in any way and don't know the producers. However, if you're interested in sharing your story with a television audience (and I wish we could ALL tell our stories without fear, shame, guilt, blah blah blah) then here's the info:

The company that brings you, A Baby Story, Whose Wedding is it Anyway,
Mystery Diagnosis… is now seeking Couples Willing to Share Their Stories
for a groundbreaking new show.

Coming soon to a major cable network, this new television series will
explore the psychology of infidelity. This is NOT a talk show; it is a
documentary series and will take an impartial approach to the content.

The show will use first person narrative and psychological input to educate
the viewers on the deep internal issues both parties deal with leading up to
an affair and after the revelation. 

We are currently looking for individuals who have dealt with a complex
instance of infidelity and would be interested in retelling their story on our
show. It's important to us that the couples are well past the initial hurt and
would be able to discuss their situation and resolution so others can learn
from it. If you are interested in hearing more about the project or have any
feedback please contact me at and I’d love to
discuss everything in more detail. 

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