Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Get tested...yep, for STDs

We hate to be the bearers of even worse news, but you need to get fully tested for STDs. Even if your husband swears he used a condom. Even if he swears the relationship wasn’t consummated. Unless you have irrefutable proof that the relationship was emotional only, you need to get tested. This guy – however much he still looks like the person who promised to love, honor and cherish – has been lying to you. Perhaps he still is. And his affair partner(s) is someone who has sex with married men. Her boundaries are clearly a wee bit fuzzy. Don’t take chances. Get tested. And don’t have unprotected sex with your spouse – or anyone else for that matter – until you’re sure you’re clean.

We know, yuck. I’m not sure I was ever at a lower point than the evening I spent in the STD clinic at my local health unit to be tested. There I sat, along with a number of 20-somethings who clearly made some bad choices, swallowing my rage at being put in such a humiliating spot. I got a clean bill of health.

Carly wasn’t so lucky. Not only was she saddled with a heap of pain, she was left with Chlamydia as a souvenir.

Cross your fingers, uncross your legs…and pray for the best.


  1. I too found myself at my Dr. getting a few STD tests done. Hugly humiliating and hurtful. I did not get a clean bill of health. I now have a life long legacy of HPV which never goes away. I have to have regular pap smears to check for servical cancer. The only positive I can get from this is that at least my HPV is a very week strain and not genital warts...

  2. I also have HPV which surfaced about 4 years ago but my gynie told me that there is no way to pin it on a time frame. Itcould have been there dormant for years, since my youthful and carefree days. My gut, i am beginning to hate my gut..., is telling me that there are no coincidences but the doc said that there is no way to tell for sure.



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