Saturday, January 2, 2010

What the Other Woman Can Teach Us...NOT to Do

Betrayed wives often fall into two camps: Those who blame the other woman for their woes...and those who don't. Some of us cross lines, starting off with vows of vengeance against the OW but coming around to placing blame squarely on the shoulders of the one who promised to love, honor and cherish us. Some, sadly, blame themselves.
Still, the OW can be a convenient target. Especially if she knew he was married. If she knew us. And far too many OW make it so darn easy to vilify them. We try to take the high road...but who can blame us if they simply leave themselves open to ridicule?
Such seems the case with at least one of Tiger's paramours, who revels in the spotlight and thinks that no moment is too private for public consumption. She pleads innocence...or at least ignorance. She seeks our sympathy, insisting that at no time did she intend for anyone to get hurt. Wha?? 
I can't generalize about OW. I've never been one...and those I've known stopped immediately when they learned the "great guy" they were dating was married. So I only know anecdotally through other BWC members just how wacked out some of these OW are. But then along comes Tiger's women to live large the life of the OW: the lies, the deception, the self-absorption, the immaturity...
Nothing glamorous or exciting about it. It's sad. And though the pain of betrayal stings...I'd still rather be on this side of the marriage. 

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  1. the only thing i hope for the OW is immense remorse and guilt. one of the emails that convicted my husband detailed how she had told her priest of the affair (very early on). if your priest can't make you feel bad about what you're doing, what can? something awesome? they said that they would stop sleeping together when me and my husband decided to start a family. because "she couldn't wreck a family." how noble.



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