Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Wednesday Word Hug: How Far You've Come


  1. Honestly, there is rarely a day go by when I do NOT remind myself how far I've come. I've no idea how long this road may be but I do have two years worth of "survival" to look back and reflect on. The hardest part for me is just knowing that I see this as "my" journey, not "our" journey. I try very hard to not think about or ask about his journey anymore because he never asks about mine. I am so happy to have this site. So darn happy.

    1. Beach girl
      It's a daily choice to recognize how far we've come from the shit-fest our h brought to our relationships! It's a pity when I hear about the h that's still afraid to face his own demons! I'm with you, this blog helps hold the hard days together! Hugs!

    2. Beach Girl, I feel the same way about the post Dday journey being about 'me' not 'us'. I think H wants more 'us' from me, but I am still with him and this is the best I can do. For now.

    3. BG,
      I hear you! I'm on a 'my' journey also. H seems able to pretend that what's in the past never happened. (Hmm, Sir, you still look like you and I still feel like me.) Seems counterproductive as it just causes me to move farther into my own camp and uninterested in moving closer to his. Add some more grieving of the death of the soul mate fantasy.
      It stinks, but guess it's just one more thing I can congratulate myself for surviving. Yay me!

  2. I started journaling shortly after DDay. I still do, but not every day. Periodically I will re-read it and am amazed at how far I've come, but still have a long way to go. Even my penmanship gives clues about how I was feeling at the moment. Journaling has helped me through anxiety attacks, has helped me see through his gaslighting and grooming, and has helped me be thankful for the good things in my life. I agree with you Beach Girl, it is very sad that this is "my journey" not "our journey".

  3. Beachgirl, so very true. I look back and read where I thought I wanted to die, that I would die from this...and I have come so far from that point. Not totally as I'm a work in progress each and every day. I think we all are, but I HAVE come so far. And I'm glad I didn't die :)



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