Sunday, April 18, 2010

If You Knew Then What You Know Now

I like to think I'm wiser. I'm certainly older. And a bit more battered. But though I may have more wrinkles, less energy and a diminished capacity for alcohol, cheesecake and marathons (not necessarily in that order), you couldn't pay me to go back and live my life over.
Thing is, I like where I am right now. Despite the pain I've gone through, thanks to my husband's betrayal, I feel more solidly "me" than ever before. Perhaps it's not "in spite of" but because of the pain I've gone through.
That said, I wonder sometimes what advice I would give to my younger self. Is there a way to achieve wisdom and compassion for self and others without going through a painful journey?
Would I tell myself to go left when my not-yet-husband is approach from the right? Would I warn myself against taking chances in order to play it safe? What, exactly, have I learned that I could offer up the former me?
It's a tough question to answer...and frankly, I'm not sure answering is as important as considering the question.
What about you, BWC readers? What hard-won lessons would you offer up to your younger you? Or do you believe that the only lessons that last are those we bear the scars of earning?

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