Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tee-Hee Tuesday: The Ex-Girlfriend Song

Okay...so it's about an ex-girlfriend. But it's pretty easy to imagine your ex (or your not-ex-but-you-re-still-thinking-about-it-so-he'd-better-be-careful) in her place:

Guaranteed to make you giggle...

What do YOU wish on your ex (or your not-ex-but-you-re-still-thinking-about-it-so-he'd-better-be-careful)? Share your worst!


  1. That gypsy curse part is hysterical.

    Also, re: your last post and compiling a list for wives who've recently found out -- my suggestion is to get a notebook and document. Document, document, document. Everything you know, see, hear and especially everything he tells you. You are so out-of-your mind that writing stuff down helps you remember which way is up and you never know when you might need that info again. My 2 cents.

  2. Yes, yes!! Every betrayed wife should have access to a gypsy!

    Great advice re. writing stuff down. It's true that we become so discombobulated that we can barely remember our own names. I'll try and keep track of everyone's advice and compile it. Thanks! Hope you don't almost run over any gypsies. :)

  3. Great video...
    It put a smile on my face just thinking about the situation the other way around :)
    But I don't think we need a gypsy... what comes around goes around... naturally!!!!



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