Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Tuesday Truth Hug

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  1. Yes ladies it is just that..... So if that's the case you have the right to make decisions and choices that make change happen. Love yourself enough to know it the safety of you physically, emotionally and your health Is being compromised by the person you trusted the most, you can and will be able to start over. Blatant disregard for your safety is not love. It's selfishness. So it's ok to love yourself enough to choose "life." If the other half gets the point "finally" don't fret over what was lost in the process. Have joy knowing that it's changed and is for your good. God will eventually give you back all you lost in ways you can never imagine. True joy in your heart knowing you live in truth is what you deserve. Love you girls tons. Stay Strong!!! Somebody is always praying us through ,). - Ann from Texas



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