Sunday, October 5, 2014

Warrior Words of Awesome


  1. How on earth did I ever get here? I was going along, minding my own business -- not bothering a soul. I was not looking for trouble. I was not looking for anything. I was helping as I always helped by getting the ""paperwork"" done. I was sending (email) files from one computer to another computer in the office and HE just could not get the files to open. I sat down at HIS computer and opened the email.

    Lightening struck me and somehow transported me to an unknown barren landscape. That is how I got here. I got struck by lightening. I was literally blown away by what that lightening revealed to me. But, I got up and shook it off. I let it go. Lightening came back and said "Oh hell no she didn't" -- so old Mr. Lightening struck me again and this time the damage was so severe I could not get up. I could not breathe. That is how I got here. Why did it take two lightening strikes to wake me up?? Because like all of you, I trusted, I believed and I loved...

    Today, I no longer trust and I no longer believe...

    Tomorrow, I do not know about tomorrow yet...

    Love?? What exactly is that??

    1. SilentScream,
      Don't worry about tomorrow. In the early days, the smartest thing we can do is take life moment by moment. In this moment, you are: alive, breathing, upright, reaching out, asking for help, getting support... and on and on. Just keep on taking it moment by moment and you'll discover that it's all we ever had or have. This moment. Right now.



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