Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Looking for answers? New reality TV show looking for betrayed wives...

Okay...I'm just putting this info out there: I was contacted by a producer looking for wives who want answers about their husbands'...ummm...extracurriculars. If you're interested in being paired with a private investigator, contact Dana at


  1. Before you do this consider the fact that your pain will be put out there for the whole world to view. If you can handle the venue and know it's documented for future generations of your kids go for it. But be careful what you wish for. Sometimes it's easier to want to attack in someway decide if public is actually worth it.

  2. Hello there,
    It sounds to me a lot like the TV show, "Cheaters" where they catch the person actually on a date with the person they are cheating with. I am disappointed; I was hoping for something more substantial like interviewing us betrayed wives about our situations and how we have triumphed over infidelity. Now THAT'S a show I'd be interested in being a guest on!!!

    1. Hi Inflicted,
      Yeah...I don't know the show, though I think it's a new one.
      I wouldn't do this but hey, we all walk our own path!

    2. I do wish there could be a show that could portray the real pain these affairs cause. Shows the true picture of what infidelity is and does to everyone involved, rather than glamorizing it. I have a friend who was sleeping with a married man and another friend of ours said to me, 'as long as she's happy' and 'they seem happy together' and 'He's not happy in his marriage'. Seriously. Then he should get out of his marriage first. People just don't get it. As long as they are happy together, it's okay to sneak around and destroy his wife until they decide it's the right time to tell her. Until the true picture of infidelity is shared people won't understand until it happens to them. These blogs are great for sharing and helping each other but unfortunately we only go to these blogs after we've been betrayed. We need a venue for people to understand the devastation before they cross the line.

    3. Hum,

      What I'd like to do is turn the camera on my husbands two "Other Women!," and see what they're REALLY up to...ha, ha, ha, HA no fur real.....

      Running away....and doing it all over again with another woman's husband is my educated guess.

      Now THAT kind of "Discovery' would be sweet.


    4. Anon,

      I know our society has decided that "it it feels good, it's okay to do it." I'm not saying everyone believes this, but it has become somewhat of a norm. They even teach that there are no moral absolutes in this world.

      Oh, the damage these men do to their wives. My H has had a 11 year addiction to P. He has been sober for almost 9 months, but it has been a rough road.

      I ended up with panic attacks b/c the stress of our lives was just too overwhelming.

      I found this blog a little over a week ago and the articles and comments have helped me SO much.

      I feel like I've found so many kindred spirits!

    5. I think it's incumbent upon us -- when the time is right -- to share our stories. The REAL stories. The months and years of anxiety. The months and years of marital pain. The months and years of our children's stress. The hair loss. The weight loss. The anti-depressants. All because someone we trusted betrayed that trust.

  3. Here is a REALITY SHOW and another letter to ponder (this can sit next to the letter from a betraying husband to his "Wife.")

    Here is is from the OW a married one. But anyone can change this up to who ever their little cheating "Sister Woman," is......have some fun with it....


  4. Dear John, (From a betraying Wife – OW)

    I married you because it’s better to be married as it shows I’m valuable woman and can get a man to love and take care of me.

    I married you because I counted on you to take care of me. To validate me and admire my beauty to make me feel “special,” at all times and the only woman in the world in your heart and mind. You needed to worship me always as beautiful and appealing and if your attention isn’t on me all the time, or you do things I don’t like, I will not tell you directly but secretly I will vengefully deceive you behind your back. Then I will really need to look for other men to validate my attractiveness and tell me how pretty I am and that my ass is nice and that my hair is pretty and my smile is sexy and that I’m so interesting and “nice.” I need men to admire me constantly so I can feel “Special.” I am so sexy you need to understand I need you to worship me as sexy and special. You need to protect me and adore me the way my Daddy Didn’t/Did and I wanted to steal him from my mommy and I hated/loved her anyway. You need to be like my Daddy always running away and disapproving. So when I look into men’s eyes they have to be a mirror reflecting my beauty and make me feel good about me. I need you to take care of me always emotionally and, financially or I will have to cheat and lie and find other men to make me feel good about myself and that I’m so irresistible that other married men will risk everything just to be with me. Ever since I was a little girl I needed ALL the attention in the room or I would start screaming and lying and being secretive to get what ever I wanted. Again, I married you because it’s better being married at least the world knows that someone wants me. But I’m always looking for a better man then you and I would have their babies too. I am always smiling at them and letting them see that I’m available and I’m so interested in their attention. They can’t keep their hands off me I just don’t know why, I tell them that I don’t do this kind of thing with just any man and they don’t even understand why the all want to have sex with me I guess it’s because I’m so attractive and sexy and they just can’t resist me. I can’t help it the heart wants what it wants and I need constant attention and excitement, I get so bored so easily and I can’t go without receiving love and attention not for days, weeks, maybe years if not for hours. I need other men besides you to feed all my emotional needs at work, at the gym, at clubs, on line or anywhere I go I need that attention so I can feel special it’s all about me and my needs. I want you to work your ass off for me but you have to pay attention to me too, even when you work all those hours for me otherwise I will have to cheat. I will justify all my actions and I need you to take absolute care of me in all things and financially.

    You need to understand that I can do so much better than you, so I will keep fucking other men and looking for my prince charming that special soul mate man, who will always worship ME. And If I find out you are cheating I will fuck you over so completely only I can cheat because it’s my female prerogative to sneak around, lie and creep beneath the marital sheets, because I’m a woman and I can’t say what’s really on my mind. So give me some more money honey I want a new dress to look beautiful to other men.

    Your wife

    P.S I don’t care about you really can you please step aside because I can’t see my own reflection in the mirror.



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