Friday, September 15, 2017

Infidelity Counseling Network: Peer Counselling

Infidelity Counseling Network is a peer counselling service that pairs a trained counsellor who has experienced infidelity with someone seeking support and guidance. It's a real person at the end of a phone line (or Skype connection) who knows the pain you're in and has been equipped with the tools to help you navigate your way to more solid ground. It's not a substitute for a therapist nor is it a crisis hotline. Think of it as a wise, been-there-done-that friend who can support you in the worst pain of your life. 
Well...I was just notified by the incredible Laura S., who created Infidelity Counselling Network, that seven recently trained counsellors have been added and they're ready to take on more betrayed wives who need support.
They've shifted their model to a sliding scale so it's essentially pay-what-you-can.
And, from everything I've ever heard including women on this site who've used the service, it's worth it.
Check it out:

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