Monday, December 14, 2009

Tiger's OW offers up definition of "ironic"

Though I try (really, really I do!) to take the high road when it comes to matters of the OW (Other Woman for those unfamiliar with my acronyms), sometimes I just can't help myself.
Yes, I know that not all OW are nasty or stupid or morally challenged. But it's just that some...are. So, since this OW walked right into this particular exchange with nary a thought to the irony of her words, I can't help but poke just a little bit of fun.
So...with that pseudo-apology out of the way:
According to a recent article in some sleazy tabloid, Jamie Junger (has anyone else been a bit weirded out by the number of Jamie/Jamee/etc. that Tiger allegedly slept with?? Easier to keep their names straight?) commented on Tiger's...errrr...tightness with cash. According to this paragon of virtue...

"When we'd go out for dinner, he never left a tip or he'd ask for the meal to be complimentary because he was 'Tiger Woods'. I just thought that was cheap and it always embarrassed me."

Apparently "dating"/sleeping with a married man isn't the least bit cheap or embarrassing...


  1. I disagree with you, ALL OW are nasty or stupid or morally challenged. First of all, there are way, way to many men in this world to go after someone else's. If she knows he's married and she still goes for it, then yes, she is nasty, stupid and not just morally challenged, she's a downright slut...period, there is no other way to look at it.

  2. How to start well I wouldn't know I guess all I know is feeling betrayed by that significant person once I called husband which i held and fought to get closer to, It's hard to even describe the pain I felt and still feel for what he had done to me. 10 years of relationship meant nothing to him. I just couldn't bare to think he was doing such a horrible thing such as having an affair.after i confronted him of his affair he suggested me that if i wanted him then i would have to bare with him leaving and coming back anytime he felt like it. So my question comes was it fair to accept his proposal or turn my back and dwell until i could find peace in me well i could say i was afraid sad and all kind of emotions but one day woke up and told myself it was not what i wanted and that was i didn't want to be the second plate in the table so even when i was hurt to the bomes i was able to pull myself together and cut the strings and thank god i have. All of that pain will never be erased even when things are far better i still think would he ever be sorry that he done all that when all i did was placed him before me and that i never wanted to accept that our marriage was over. when all he would do was staying away from me. Sometimes I get this questions which once i asked, he said he couldn't answered but then why he never left why he randomly will be sweet and at least pretend he was into our marriage. I'll be honest it still hurts but i know i have to move on and believe i will be happy one day. Should i forget and stop crying or should i just take it as an experience that made me stronger because in a way i never gave up on me n my life i fought to keep things i worked hard for. Is hard to ever trust someome else is like that shadow is there and will always be. I just sometimes feel sad because i feel he would only be with me for sex not because he cared n truly loved me. Oh well at least i try to forget and contiue my journey i just hope i get to find my inner peace for once. What you guys think?



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