Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Wednesday Word Hug


  1. Yes, I know it! But I feel like I need a safe space and somebody to care for me while I face the replacement of these 'wrong' things (work, busyness, caring for others) with some alternatives. I'm afraid everything will come crashing down if I stop. Though I suppose I might come crashing down if I don't stop...

  2. Exactly Elle!
    I was trying so hard to keep my marriage and family together at the expense of myself.
    All the energy I was putting into a lifeless soul of my STBX who was draining me with his lies and shitty behavior.
    In many ways with him gone it feels like a weight has lifted off my shoulders.
    Gabby xo

  3. This is so true and I have to remind myself of this all the time. Any energy thinking of my H is wasted! Any energy looking online at social media is wasted! Any energy texting my H and trying to get him to understand my side is wasted. It all makes me feel so empty and yucky.

    When I work out, when I substitute Teach, when I clean and organize things and fix things and help my kids - that is what fills me up - that is what makes me feel good!

  4. Ann, so pleased your finding things that ‘ fill you up’ this is exactly what you need to be concentrating more on. Your on the right track Ann : ) xxx



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