Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Wednesday Word Hug: Owning Our Story


  1. I love this hug. I have to say that Brene' Brown's books are such a big part of my day-to-day growth now. I read and re-read them. I have them on my phone and when I'm feeling a bit off, I read 2 pages and digest that over a short walk or something. What continues to amaze me is how things come up now and how I'm affected differently post d day. Little things that I would have just ignored or that wouldn't have rattled me at all, seem like a big deal before I work through them. Any blemish on my face, for example, sends me into questioning my whole self-worth (ridiculous!) But I'm trying to love myself through this and pay attention to my feelings and get to the bottom of them without beating myself up. My H has been very patient with these things, but I am annoyed by myself at times. Nothing ever rattled me before. Now I'm so easily sent over the edge. Perhaps it was my steely exterior that actually kept me from connecting before though... trade offs I guess.

  2. This is a great one. I can see my husband feels this way about me and is thankful that I did not walk away. I feel like there is a new level of respect because of this.

    Ann, I too feel more sensitive to what in the past would have been little things. And when I am more stressed or busy it is worse. I continue to try and make healthy choices. I also have learned the sooner I say something to my husband the easier it is for him to understand and support me.

  3. What a great hug for today. I think everyone has a unique story and how we heal from what has happened to us. I find now that the little things that used to drive me crazy I can handle. I don't beat myself up like I did in the beginning. My h said the other day he felt that we were even closer now then we were then and we were very close to each other. I feel that we have more patients with each other and don't take each other for granted because things change in a blink of an eye. I've also come to the conclusion that I will never know why these women chose to do what they did to us. And what they thought they were going to accomplish by the underhanded deeds that they did. The OW hides because her life is in complete shambles. She lost everything in this mess that she created with the help of her friends. Her friends and coworkers have gone on with their wonderful lives and she's on dating sites looking for a new victim. Drugs, sex, and the evil of these women all combined together would be an interesting book.

  4. Thank you Elle!

    I love this quote- it is so so true!! It took me time to really understand it and oh my is it difficult. Loving ourselves in the best of times can be difficult, but while owning our story.... that is hard work and yes courageous work.

    Slowly I am learning what it feels like to love myself and can acutely feel if I am loving or being hard on myself. This awareness was a big step for me. Thank you Elle for the wisdom you share on this site and thanks to Brene. You both have help me learn and grow and survive and thrive on this journey.

    Love and support sisters



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