Sunday, March 12, 2017

Words to laugh by


  1. Elle this is so true. When everything I loves changed and I lost it all everybody has something to say. The opinions came flying. People I had considered friends and people a new but were newe close to al weighed in. All of a sudden I knew everybody tons better by theatrics they were ale to create. So I had to let them go. Even family who cared more about the gossip value and said so much without ever spewing to me.... I also had to choose to limit access to them too..... Knowing what they were saying not caring if it was true or not mattered. It showed me who my inner circle truly was. Yes, it was way smaller but it was way safer now. I learned who loved me for me and it was the people who helped me pick up the pieces been though it was inconvenient for them.
    Love you girls stay strong and know you are loved. Somebody is praying you through - An from Texas

  2. Snickering and snorting. This is so funny and so true!

  3. Funny and relevant as always Elle. 2 years past D-Day and one of my ex friends (who sided with the OW - saying nothing happened and husband was making it all up) is trying to contact my BFF via facebook messenger even though my BFF blocked her. WTF? She keeps requesting to message her. It's been 2 years she wasn't even part of the drama. :(



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