Friday, February 5, 2010

Funny Friday: Eavesdropping on my son

A guilty pleasure of mine is eavesdropping on my kids' conversations. The best ones seem to happen in the car – my kids seem to forget I'm there. I simply stay silent...and listen.

Tonight, as my 9-year-old son was chatting with his friend, whose parents were packing and moving into their new house today, they got talking about the woman who bought the former house.

"It's her first house," explained my son's friend. "And she's only 23. Why would she want such a big house for one person?"

My son, who's never met a question he couldn't answer, responded, "She's at that age," he said. "She'll be getting married and having S-E-X."

I stifled a giggle.

"What's that?" his friend asked.

My son sighed...

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