Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Married Men: Use Your Head (The One on Your Shoulders!!)

Yet another public figure, this time Toronto mayoral-wannabe Adam Giambroni, has admitted to a series of relationships with women other than his long-time, live-in partner. While this is all getting – yawn – a little overdone (are there any public figures who keep it in their pants?), there remains a certain train-wreck attraction to the stories because they generally reveal otherwise intelligent men making unbelievably stupid choices. And I'm not even talking about the stupid choice of having sex outside of marriage or committed relationships (have you heard of divorce, gentlemen?? If you're that miserable, we'll be happy to give you one. Though most of us know all too well that your affairs have nothing to do with your marriage). Rather, I'm referring to their choice in affair partner.
With rare exception, these men seem to favor porn stars, reality-show wannabes and celeb-stalkers. In the case of Giambroni, one of his paramours is a 19-year-old, since turned 20 and since turned traitor, offering up extensive texts and sordid details of the affair. In other words, these are women who have little to lose and much to gain (at least in their estimation) by selling telling their story.
If I have any advice to give men considering cheating on their wives (and, oh yeah, I have advice!), it's this:
If you simply can't locate your moral code as perhaps you left it on some woman's beside table beside your membership card to and your Trojan PleasurePack, at least choose partners who have as much or more to lose than you do by 'fessing up.
And, for goodness' sake, stop calling it the "biggest mistake you ever made". We know. we know.

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