Friday, March 12, 2010

Not-So-Funny Friday: Tiger's Mistresses Vie for "Prettiest"

The thing is, the "other woman" needs some good pr. Someone to make them seem...well...less morally challenged. Less he-loves-me-more-and-I'm-prettier-than-you and more I-didn't-know-he-was-married-and-I-was-lied-to-also.
Sadly, they're not getting it from Tiger's other women, who are cheerfully emptying their souls (souls? They have souls?), smiling pretty for whatever reality show promises to extend their 15-minute shelf life and avoiding putting in an honest day's work. On their feet. In short, they're taking the "other woman" to new depths of shallowness.
Consider this latest: Howard Stern hosted a beauty pageant (beauty being defined by breast implants and hair extensions...which, I guess, pretty much sums up society's view of beauty, not just Stern's) featuring a few of Tiger's more celeb-seeking mistresses. The winner (and I use that term loosely – pun intended) got a nice chunk of cash and the honor of being considered the prettiest of the pancake waitresses. Check it out here...or, better still, don't.

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