Thursday, March 25, 2010

How Much More Can ANY of Us Take? The Infidelity Epidemic...

Bonnie Fuller, who has carved a career out of dumbing down magazines and saturating the newsstands with gossip, is calling on Sandra Bullock to "stop hiding" and "get sweet revenge." While I appreciate the sentiment ("you go, girl! We've got your back now!"), I object to the relentless "advice" publicly betrayed wives must endure. The recent People mag, featuring a beleaguered but determined looking Elizabeth Edwards, and with a cover line that reads "How much more can she take?" strikes me as far more supportive than calls to "get even" or "show him what he's missing," however well-intentioned these comments are.
Unless you've experienced betrayal, getting dolled up and smiling for the cameras can seem like an awesome idea. Flirt with some good-looking guy. Get photographed getting cosy and looking hot... Great plan.'s not.
Putting on lipstick can seem like a Herculean task in the days following betrayal. Those who've been there know how bewildering the world seems. "You want me to get out of bed? And eat breakfast? And who are these kids and why are they calling me 'mom'?" You live in a world of sand and fog where nothing seems solid or safe, nor ever will be again. You hesitate before answering the phone. Or opening an e-mail, for fear of another disclosure.
So, please, give the girl a break. Give them all a break. And ourselves a break, while we're at it. Let Sandra and all the members of the Betrayed Wives' Club do whatever necessary to just get through the day. We'll get our groove back in our own sweet time.


  1. I admire Elizabeth Edwards! She is a very strong woman of faith morals and charactor and if she was running for office instead of the sneaky cheat- liar, I would have voted for her!

    What really irratates me is that skank her dummy slept with! She really thinks she hot looking??? She must have a magic mirror!
    John Edwards deserves reil skanky whats her face!
    Elizabeth, if you read this, more power to you! Your beauty and grace out shines that low life cheater and just know, the good people of this country KNOW what kind of people they are...and they WILL reap what they sow!
    Its unfortunate that that little girl will always be looked upon and being conceived in a most horrible way!

  2. I can so sympathize with the putting on lipstick comment. I had to put on a dress (which feels like a 'rape me' suit), high heels (hooker garb), and make up (I'm not pretty enough as I am) for a job interview. Just putting on heels hurt and felt degrading. I felt like I was having to 'doll up'. When my husband had been paying for prostitutes and strippers it killed me inside to feel like I was having to sell myself. Luckily all my interviews were with women so I didn't feel so exposed and vulnerable. If I had to get in front of a camera for public view I would have been dying inside. I feel for those women in the public eye who have been devastated and humiliated for all to see.

  3. I dont think its the wife that is humiliated. Its the cheaters!
    I admired Elizabeth Edwards, but her lying cheater husband and his skanky whore that couldnt find a man to begin with, are the trash! Theres a reason no single man wanted that trash..only a stupid married one who thinks he's missing something would lay with that thing!

    Two pos! Thats all they are!



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