Monday, October 26, 2009

Hiking the Appalachian Trail: The best/worst excuse your cheating spouse ever offered

History is replete with men caught with their pants down. While some manage to come forth with an excuse that's at least possible if not probable (eg. "hiking the Appalachian Trail"), others produce such whoppers that the only appropriate response is unbridled laughter – after pitching a stiletto at their head, of course.
This is your chance to submit the best/worst excuses you've ever heard. Hold nothing back. Bring
'em on...

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  1. I just realized I haven't hardly cried at all since my D-Day which was January 2nd 2014. My husband and I had only been married for 4 months when I found his computer open directly on the chat room he was last in. He was having internet sex. With more women than I chose to count. To this day, I can't forget reading the words "no one to F***" I was asleep on our bed at that time... I am someone. I am your wife! While I do believe my husband...Yes we're still together...Is a good person, I still can't understand how he could do that to me! Why did he ask me to marry him if I wasn't satisfying enough? He was my best friend!! When this happened I screamed, I sobbed, and then I had sex with him. That disgusts me still. I guess I felt like he wanted to cheat on me because I wasn't giving him enough sex...So sex is what I did. Angry sex. It's been almost 5 years since that happened. I still think about what happened quite often. Mostly I have NO ONE to talk to about it. I'm the one who was crushed and yet I was the one who had to pretend our new marriage was perfect, fun, and passionate. I had to convince everyone that I was OK. I love him! Truly do! But I still wonder if he's continued his cheating ways in chat rooms. I don't know how to move on completely, but I really want to! I'm so confused. Im also afraid to tell him that I'm still hurt, in fear that he feels like he's heard about it enough. That he may actually leave me if he finds out that I'm still not over it. Because at this point I definitely want us to work out. It's like I want him to feel how I feel. To really be sorry for it. We never separated after that happened. I had no time to think by myself because at the time I needed to be comforted. After all he was not just my husband but my best friend. Gosh this feels good to write this all down.



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