Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Is Marriage Itself Outdated?

I recently read an article that argues against with-holding marriage rights to lesbian/gay couples, but points out that marriage -- in and of itself -- is not the panacea we're often led to believe it is. Consider this quote:

So what are we to make of marriage? It is both a deeply personal relationship for which people will make almost unthinkable sacrifices, and it is a declining social institution offering little security for most who enter it.

Those of us who've endured infidelity often find our eyes opened to the reality of marriage -- the truth that the person who promised to love, honor and cherish just might not live up to that promise. I often hear betrayed wives note that they "lost their innocence". Sadly, life is messy. And often painful. But if we can use our painful experiences -- indeed all experiences -- to reconsider our convictions and recreate our boundaries (or in some cases, create boundaries in the first place!), then it's an important lesson learned.

Read the entire article here and weigh in with your thoughts. Is marriage outdated? Is it becoming meaningless? I can't wait to share your thoughts...

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  1. This author gives some compelling arguments. Ultimately, she is saying marriage is not dead and I agree. She is also voicing a concern that many of us in the black community have voiced -- there too many children born to single mothers and thus growing up in single parent homes. Research suggest children thrive better in two parent homes -- as long as it is a emotionally healthy home.
    I agree with the author when she suggests that marriage -- at least a bad marriage can be unbearable -- been there, done that. I also agree with here when she states that there ii is possible to have a fulfilling marriage. I guess divorcess (sp) like me just have to be willing to take that chance again. The first step is to raise sons who make good husbands.



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