Thursday, October 8, 2009

Finally, an infidelity expert who make sense!

I was recently interviewed for, a sassy site that treats women like the smart, fun, interesting people we are. While checking out the site, I came across an article on how to survive adultery. Inwardly, I groaned. In the three years since gaining membership to the betrayed wive's club (not that I was actively seeking membership. I was just minding my own business when...well, you know what happened), I've read some pretty lousy advice from so-called experts whom, I'm sure, have never actually gone through infidelity. And no, listening to others that have is not the same thing.
Still, with this site, I feel I have an obligation to read everything I can in case it might be good and pass it along to you. See? You can always count on a BWC member to have your back. it is.
And in days to come, I'll expand on each particular point and outline how, exactly, you can apply this advice. Stay tuned.
And, if you have advice, ideas or thoughts about the site, please join the conversation. It's your club, too.

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  1. I went to, will go back to it again.



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